Flareless Chemical Cleaning

Vapor Point’s flare minimization system allows our customers to manage turnarounds for optimization by taking units out of Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) or the flare during the decon portion of the TAR. The systems include an exchanger to cool the heated cleaning solution down, allowing the vapors and the liquids to be inventoried in a pressure vessel. From the pressure vessel, the vapors are sent to a set of VaporLock VOC and H₂S scrubbers to remove any contaminants from the vapor followed by carbon polishing prior to it going to atmosphere - providing a safe and environmentally compliant work environment. The liquids are then managed per the client to be inventoried in their preferred storage vessels, which is typically frac tanks.

The flare minimization system allows planners to predict the unit decon cleaning by removing the FGR limitations and allowing optimization of the full TAR schedule.

The Equipment

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