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Our History

Innovation. Integrity. Flawless performance.


Vapor Point was born in a challenge to innovate.


A major Gulf Coast refinery manager came to our founders with a problem: how to better manage benzene emissions from vac truck exhaust. That conversation began a decade-long R&D effort, the result of which was a new breed of vapor control device—VaporLockTM.


In Vapor Point’s early days—around 2008—our work revolved around assisting clients in managing their Maintenance, Start Up, and Shutdown permit obligations in Texas. As new EPA requirements grew out of BWON and MACT, we quickly leveraged our core VaporLockTM and Hydraulic AmalgamationTM technologies to help our clients stay ahead of these new compliance requirements.  

In 2015, when the EPA developed the Refinery Sector Risk Analysis and subsequent rule revisions, Vapor Point was again at the forefront, leading efforts to design solutions to satisfy these new mandates. While our competitors continued to push the same, tired methods of destruction or direct chemical treatment, Vapor Point was—and still is—the only company to develop innovative, safer, more cost-effective methods for managing EPA emissions restrictions.

From the start, Vapor Point has focused on anticipating our clients’ ever-evolving regulatory compliance challenges. Today our VaporLockTM technology includes a full suite of applications servicing the upstream, midstream, and downstream petrochemical industries.


Best-in-class technologies backed up by a world-class team delivering unmatched customer service.

Leadership Team

Jeff St_edited.jpg

Jefferey St. Amant

President & CEO

Jefferey honed his environmental credentials through extensive work in the refining, petrochemical, paper, pipeline and terminal, specialty chemicals, oil and gas production, commercial construction, and related industries. Through key roles with Turner Construction and Baker Tanks/Baker Corp., he developed exceptional technical expertise in air and water filtration, remediation, and de-watering .  Jefferey remains a hands-on CEO, working collaboratively with Vapor Point’s clients to develop unique, out-of-the-box, cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges of today’s environmental enforcement initiatives. Jefferey earned his BS in Environmental Management from the University of Houston, and an MBA from Tulane University. 


Sean Kirkpatrick


Sean's comprehensive background spans many industries: refining, petrochemical, paper, specialty chemical, and others throughout the United States. A 20-year veteran in the environmental arena, he has a deep understanding of managing air emissions, remediation, water filtration, tank cleaning, geo-construction, and personnel development. As COO, Sean applies this rare combination of technical and management expertise to ensure that Vapor Point's internal operations work seamlessly in support of our clients' environmental initiatives. He also works closely with clients to design and implement innovative vapor control systems that meet regulatory compliance and protect their workers. Sean earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. 


Don Alford

Sr. VP Business Development

Don has over three decades' experience in refining and petrochemical, particularly chemical cleaning/decon, fence-line monitoring of hazardous air emissions, and technologies for controlling air emissions. Before helping launch Vapor Point, Don spent years cultivating many long-term relationships reconstructing and revitalizing operations for several companies. Today Don leads a customer-centric, technically savvy Vapor Point team that solves our clients' immediate air compliance challenges. He also stays on top of regulatory trends and technological advances to better serve our clients in the years ahead. Don earned his BS in Business Management from Nicholls State University.


Andrew Tischler

Chief Science Officer

Andrew has extensive experience in field management and planning for refinery turnarounds, tank and chemical cleaning, oil spills, and routine and specialized refinery maintenance. He joined Vapor Point at its inception, and soon developed many of the mechanical systems and processes that make Vapor Point the clear industry leader. Some of our most effective routine field placements grew out of Andrew's R&D efforts to solve specific problems. Today, his technology team continues to push the boundaries of routine emission and hazardous constituent control, enhancing performance while increasing safety awareness and cost-effectiveness. As CSO, Andrew also heads up Vapor Point's R&D "skunkworks," where his creative insights and practiced hand conceive innovative approaches to our clients' more out-of-the-norm air compliance challenges.

Management Team

2017-12-06 14_edited.jpg

Brad Davis

Director of Projects

As Vapor Point’s Director of Projects, Brad Davis leads a team of engineers and field operators who tackle solutions for our customers’ more specialized challenges. Even though Brad is headquartered in our Baton Rouge office, he is not tethered geographically, and frequently performs jobs throughout the U.S. and Canada.   Brad brings a wealth of engineering and project management experience to Vapor Point. Before joining Vapor Point, he had over 16 years’ experience in chemical cleaning, serving as chemist or project manager for over 50 boiler cleanings. Brad also served as project manager on numerous large refinery turnarounds, including full-unit hydrocarbon decontaminations and HF ally unit neutralizations. As part of Brad’s responsibilities as Director of Projects, he also identifies and trains high-potential Vapor Point field operators for roles in project management company-wide. Brad has a BS in Environmental Management Science from Louisiana State University.


Jenna Brown

Director of Human Rescources

Jenna Brown is Vapor Point's Director of Human Resources. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of human resource management, Jenna is responsible for talent acquisition, onboarding, compensation and benefits, employee relations, the development of policies and procedures, and compliance with all state and federal employment laws. Jenna collaborates with staff to enhance employee engagement, seeking to retain employees through career development programs that focus on performance management and talent and leadership development. Jenna drives business growth through strategies designed to align, build, and develop high performance teams—teams that work together to ensure Vapor Point’s culture of operational excellence continues to provide the rich service experience that customers expect. Jenna holds a Bachelor of Science in American Studies (with an emphasis on race relations) from UC Berkeley, where she was also a star varsity volleyball player. She is currently pursuing a Professional in Human Resources Certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute.

JWoodard Bio Pic_w489_edited_edited_edit

Jim Woodard

Vice President of Sales

Jim Woodard is Vapor Point’s Vice President of Sales. Before joining Vapor Point, Jim spent a decade in the environmental/industrial industry, honing the skillsets that have made him a subject matter expert on tank cleaning and liquid solid separation. He also has broad experience and a deep technical understanding of air emissions, remediation services, de-watering, specialty chemicals, and petrochemical cleaning. As Vice President of Sales, Jim devises short-term strategies that best serve our customers’ long-term goals. He encourages his team to challenge the status quo, to fully understand our customers’ challenges in order to provide solutions with maximal value.

Bill Reiser photo_edited_edited.jpg

Bill Reiser

South Texas Division

William (Bill) Reiser leads Vapor Point’s South Texas division. Bill served over 20 years in the United States Navy, primarily in operations management. His first foray into the private sector was as Branch Manager for Vapor Point’s Corpus Christi field office, where his finely tuned leadership and operations management skills were immediately put to the test. After getting his “sea legs,” Bill evaluated our South Texas field and support operations, and then crafted a plan to consolidate several independent operational silos into a single, highly efficient, multi-talented, and mutually supportive team. After then-South Texas Territory Manager Tim Kelly transferred to run Vapor Point’s Houston field office, Bill was the natural choice to fill this all-important role. Today Bill’s team continues to provide exceptional air compliance solutions for our clients. His R&D department develops innovative approaches to achieving air compliance. His fabrication division builds and tests new design initiatives, even as it refines existing equipment for maximal efficiency and reliability. And Bill ensures that his South Texas field and support employees are knowledgeable, reliable, safety-obsessed, and fully committed to operational excellence in every facet of their work.   Bill earned his BS in Management from Park University.

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