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Vapor Point Services


Scrubbers & Traditional Technology

Scrubber technology aids in achieving compliance with air quality regulations, ensuring that industrial operations meet or exceed emission standards. By reducing pollutant emissions, scrubbers contribute to a cleaner environment and support sustainable practices.

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Thermal Technology

Portable thermal combustors offer a reliable and efficient solution for on-site treatment of VOCs and HAPs, allowing industries to meet environmental regulations, protect air quality, and demonstrate their commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

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H₂S (hydrogen sulfide) is a highly toxic and corrosive gas commonly found in oil and gas production operations. Effective removal of H₂S is crucial to ensure the safety of personnel, protect equipment integrity, and comply with environmental regulations. Explore Vapor Point’s offerings in the oilfield to gain efficiency and predictability on your job site.

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Sulfur Treatment

Fuel gas treatment is an essential process in various industries, particularly in oil and gas production, where the presence of sulfur contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and sulfur compounds, can impact the quality and performance of the fuel. Effective sulfur contaminant removal from fuel gas is crucial to ensure safe and efficient operations.

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Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment refers to the process of treating and purifying water used in various industrial processes to meet quality and regulatory requirements. It involves a range of techniques and technologies aimed at removing contaminants, improving water quality, and ensuring safe and efficient operations.

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Featured Case Studies

At Vapor Point, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge vapor control solutions that optimize industrial operations while ensuring regulatory compliance and cost-effectiveness. Our featured case studies showcase how our expertise has empowered diverse industries to achieve efficient vapor control, fuel treatment, and significant operational improvements. Here are some highlights:

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