Operational Advantages

  • Improves operational efficiencies, decreasing total compliance costs

  • Mitigates safety concerns from H2S exposure and work stoppage

  • Advanced equipment design ensures safer operation

  • Scales to any application with our modular systems

  • VOC applications have zero waste generated, zero waste left behind

Compliance Advantages

  • Meets or exceeds regulatory requirements

  • Recovers VOC emissions

  • Achieves environmental compliance with on-site monitoring using EPA Method 21 protocols

  • Streamlines data management and data reporting

  • Scales to any application with our modular systems

Innovations ~ Synergies ~ Solutions

 Vapor Point is the industry pioneer—and remains the foremost innovator

in designing, building, and managing VOC and HAP emissions control strategies

that meet and exceed even your most challenging air compliance mandates. 

Because new federal and state regulations are increasingly complex, even the most well-intentioned compliance efforts are easily mismanaged, leading to costly environmental or safety failures. Vapor Point's patented systems—high-efficiency VaporLockTM scrubbers integrated with Hydraulic AmalgamationTM chemical processes—achieve superior performance and reduced downtime. Backed up by Vapor Point’s air compliance management expertise, our clients greatly minimize risk potential in their efforts to achieve regulatory compliance.