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Eliminate Flare Gas Recovery Bottlenecks: Vapor Point's Alternative Technologies for MACT, RTR, & JA

At Vapor Point, we understand the challenges the Oil & Gas industry faces when it comes to controlling hazardous and regulated emissions.

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Vapor Point: Your Partner in Controlling Hazardous and Regulated Emissions

At Vapor Point, we understand the challenges the Oil & Gas industry faces when it comes to controlling hazardous and regulated emissions, especially during maintenance activities. That's why we have developed industry-proven alternative technologies that provide effective solutions. With increased emphasis from Federal and State Agencies on minimizing flare usage, and the implementation of Refinery RTR adding to the complexity, we are here to support your operations and help you meet new regulations without compromising schedule deadlines and optimization. Our proven technology and solutions are designed to maximize operation efficiencies from depressurization all the way through chemical cleaning.

The Impact of New Standards and Flare Gas Recovery Bottlenecks

New MACT standards have placed restrictions on refiners, eliminating the SSM exemption and imposing significant constraints on equipment purging to the atmosphere. Limited flare capacity and flare gas recovery capabilities often lead to bottlenecks during deinventory and cleaning operations, resulting in additional costs to comply with these stringent standards.

We Understand Your Concerns: Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance

We know that additional downtime means higher costs, lost revenue, and decreased profits for your business. Furthermore, the pressure limitations and temperature constraints imposed during maintenance activities can hinder effective deinventory and cleaning operations. As a result, there is an increased potential for safety or environmental incidents, which we are committed to helping you avoid.

Alternative Technologies for Enhanced Flexibility and Efficiency

Refineries are seeking alternative technologies that provide flexibility during various operations and maintenance activities. Vapor Point offers innovative solutions to address these needs. We understand the challenges you face during unit shutdowns and turnarounds when the capacity of the Flare Gas Recovery System is put to the test. By implementing our mobile technologies, you can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency while ensuring compliance.

Working Together for Optimal Solutions

Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. That's why we consider your specific requirements when designing our solutions. We prioritize employee safety throughout the process, minimize or eliminate delays to the turnaround schedule, and help you meet H₂S reduction requirements. We ensure that our system design meets rigorous process safety reviews, allowing for emergency relief to the flare system in case of upset conditions.

Experience the Vapor Point Difference

When you choose Vapor Point, you benefit from our utilization of ASME code pressurized vessels and innovative processes that eliminate pressure limitations. We have also developed custom engineered temporary vessels for liquid and vapor phase product management, tailored to suit your unique applications. Our high efficiency liquid scrubbing systems effectively remove VOC, H₂S, and other HAPS during different phases of unit decontamination. By reducing reliance on flare capacity, we help you minimize cost impacts and maintain operational schedules.

Let's Work Together to Overcome Flare Gas Recovery Bottlenecks

We are passionate about helping you overcome flare gas recovery bottlenecks during maintenance and turnaround activities. Our dedicated team is ready to provide personalized solutions to address your specific needs. Contact us today and experience the Vapor Point difference firsthand.

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