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Revolutionizing Natural Gas Treatment: Vapor Point's Sulfur Destroyer W System Solves H2S Challenges and Drives Cost Savings

Our client, a prominent producer in the Permian Basin, is focused on extracting crude oil and natural gas.

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Our client, a prominent producer in the Permian Basin, is focused on extracting crude oil and natural gas. Unlike other production areas with gas plants that can remove H₂S from natural gas, the Permian Basin lacks such facilities. Consequently, our client faces the challenge of treating the H₂S in their natural gas before selling it to customers.

Client's Challenge:

Our client needed a solution to remove a low concentration of H₂S from their natural gas stream at one of their production sites. Typically, direct injection systems are used for such streams. These systems involve injecting chemicals into the process stream, which flows with the natural gas in a pipe and is then captured in a knockout to prevent further downstream contamination. However, direct injection systems often suffer from poor chemical efficiency due to inadequate contact between the chemical and natural gas. This inefficiency increases chemical usage and subsequently drives up costs for our clients. While our Sulfur Destroyer system offers significantly higher chemical efficiencies than direct injection systems, it was not suitable for the relatively low concentration of H₂S and the amount of natural gas being produced at this particular site.

Vapor Point's Solution:

To address the client's needs for a cost-effective alternative with improved chemical efficiencies, we designed the Sulfur Destroyer W system. This innovative solution consists of a direct injection pump, the Sulfur Destroyer W, and a knockout pot. Similar to other direct injection systems, the Sulfur Destroyer W system involves injecting chemicals directly into the process stream. However, the process stream is then directed through the Sulfur Destroyer W, which enhances the contact between the chemical and natural gas, resulting in superior chemical efficiencies. The spent chemical is subsequently removed from the natural gas through the knockout pot.

Vapor Point's Advantages and Results:

  • 67% cost savings compared to the Sulfur Destroyer system
  • Consistently producing on-spec natural gas (<4 PPMv outlet spec)
  • Achieving chemical efficiency of up to 80%
  • Efficiency increase of up 40% compared to direct inject

By implementing Vapor Point's Sulfur Destroyer W system, our client not only saved significantly on costs but also achieved consistent production of high-quality natural gas that meets the required specifications. The improved chemical efficiency of up to 80% ensured optimal chemical usage, further contributing to cost savings and operational efficiency.

Ready to revolutionize your natural gas treatment process? Don't let H₂S challenges hold you back. Join forces with Vapor Point and unlock the power of our Sulfur Destroyer W system.

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