Case Study

Vac Trucks and Air Machines

Controlling exhaust emissions from trucks.

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Application Challenges:

  • Extreme variability in contaminant concentration
  • Extreme variability in air flow rates

Air Mover Applications:

These trucks are high volume air movers capable of moving over 5,500 CFM (depending on blower design),and are used when heavy sludges/solids need to be evacuated from sumps, pits, tanks, etc.

Due to the design, these trucks are typically useless in any application where there is the potential for elevated ppm (and LEL) readings, but Vapor Point has the answer. Our High Flow VaporLock™ is capable of managing over 8,000 CFM, and when used in conjunction with an Air Mover (between the Air Mover and vacuum box), will reduce VOC/LEL levels and allow these trucks to safely operate in elevated VOC applications.

Vac Truck Specs:

  • 240 CFM – 450 CFM
  • <100 PPM to over 500K PPM Air

Mover Specs:

  • 3500 CFM – 5500 CFM
  • <100 PPM to over 500K PPM

Vaccum Truck Applications:

Vacuum trucks are used in industrial applications as a rolling garbage can, moving from one location to another within the plant loading liquid waste materials, which can be internally managed by the plant. When these trucks are in use, they create a vacuum on the liquid that is loaded, creating a vacuum stripping effect, which often includes emissions such as Naphtha, Benzene, Xylenes, and H₂S from the vacuum pump exhaust.Ordinarily, the pump exhaust is released in the area around the truck near work personnel, which has led to fatalities.

Vacuum trucks typically operate at flow rates between 185 and 350 CFM, although some trucks can pull over 1000 CFM, while the contaminant levels can vary wildly depending on the load, between 100 and more than 200,000 ppm. These variables create an extremely difficult application for most existing control devices,but not for the VaporLock™.

Vapor Point Advantages and Results

  • VaporLock™ is not limited to design constraints of typical scrubbers or activated carbon
  • Designed for worst case flowrates not prone to channeling
  • Flexibility in managing different contaminants without safety risks (no reaction concerns)
  • Skid / trailer and roll-off designed for mobility
  • Ability to manage a wide range of CFM and PPM processes
  • No outside utilities are required

Challenges for Other Control Devices:

  • Extreme changes in air flow and contaminant concentration gets outside the limits of the design for other liquid scrubbers or activated carbon
  • Channeling and/or heat of sorption issues often occur

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