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Vapor Point's Innovative Solution: Resolving Off-Spec Propane Issues Together

Dealing with product specification failures can be a daunting task, causing economic hardships for your business.

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Product Specification Failures and Economic Hardships: We Understand Your Struggles

Dealing with product specification failures can be a daunting task, causing economic hardships for your business. At Vapor Point, we empathize with the logistical complexities and processing costs associated with managing off-spec propane. That's why we developed a cutting-edge technology that directly tackles these issues. By eliminating methyl and ethyl mercaptans during sulfur loading, we aim to alleviate your challenges and help you thrive.

The Impact of Propane Contamination: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Rejected propane - when used as feedstock - lowers the efficiency of the plant and increases maintenance costs. Propane contamination issues cause plants to fail propane specification targets such as copper strip tests and freeze valve tests. The propane must pass the pipeline operator’s requirements resulting from corrosion standards and fuel characteristics. When the company experiences a specification failure, the pipeline operator reverses the flow, redirecting the off-spec propane back to the plant, costing them millions of dollars.

Causes of Copper Strip Failures in Propane:

  • Reactive sulfur
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S)
  • Elemental sulfur
  • Carbonyl sulfide (COS)
  • Mercaptans

Growing Industry Need to:

  • Manage a wide variation in contaminant concentrations
  • Meet propane quality goals and requirements
  • Improve product value
  • Manage changes in production
  • Increase plant efficiency
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance expenses

Vapor Point's Sulfur Reduction Solution: Your Trusted Partner for Success

At Vapor Point, we offer more than just a solution. Our comprehensive chemical/mechanical system is designed to address off-spec rejected propane with unmatched innovation and expertise. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we can eliminate the contaminants responsible for copper strip failures, allowing your propane to meet all necessary requirements. Through our proven solution, we aim to increase throughput, add value to your operations, and help you achieve significant savings. Contact us to dive deeper into the details of how Vapor Point can transform your business by reducing failure- related costs.

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