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Thermal Technology

Proven solutions for all of your refinery and terminal vapor control related needs – tank and vessel degassing, vapor control during product refills, flare and FGR minimization during TARs, marine loading and more! From the largest job to the smallest job - Vapor Point has you covered. Our fleet includes 8, 20, and 72 MMBTU mobile vapor control units. That’s the largest capacity unit in the industry!

Thermal Vapor Control Services

• Tank Degassing

• Tank Refilling and Roof Landing
• Pipeline Depressure and Purging

• Sphere and Bullet Degassing
• Temporary Marine and Barge Loading

• Temporary Terminal Flare or VCS Replacement
• Truck and Railcar Loading

• Fixed Vapor Combustion Installation 

Refinery Unit Turnaround Advantages

• Reduces regulatory restrictions on unit purging and depressuring during shutdown

• Minimizes bottlenecks the shutdown process, resulting in unplanned costly delays

• Mobile VCUs allow for bypassing the flare or FGR, resulting in reduced downtime

• Temperature reduction and steam condensation by heat exchanger

• Significant reduction in expensive nitrogen use

• Refinery fuel gas BTU content not negatively impacted

• Predictable Shutdown Schedules

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