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The Vapor Point Harvey relief crew

During Hurricane Harvey’s prolonged and devastating trek along the Texas coastline, news feeds chronicled heroic efforts of first responders and ordinary citizens as they worked together to save lives. The aftermath has left many families struggling to pick up the pieces, and now armies of relief workers are converging to begin the long rebuilding process.

Vapor Point has a long tradition of investing in our communities, and no community is closer to home than our own employees. Even while we array resources in support of our industrial customers as they again ramp up production, Vapor Point employees have rallied from across all branches in support of our employees most affected by the storm. Led by our CEO Jeff St. Amant, Vapor Point crews are cleaning, gutting, and rebuilding affected homes. Vapor Point is providing food and basic needs to affected families. Our cook trailer is being put to good use in support of the work crews, as all work hand in hand.

In this time of tragedy and loss, we are proud of our team, just as we are proud of our community, its first responders, and the volunteers who are helping the people of the Texas coast rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. It is heartwarming to see people from across the nation coming together in the only way that really matters. Thank you to all who are contributing. We will get through this…together.

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