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Swinging for Scholarships with the Bob Hope School

Wherever Vapor Point works, we look for ways to invest in community initiatives. This summer, Vapor Point is proud to serve as Silver Tournament Sponsor for the Bob Hope School’s 2nd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament, Swinging for Scholarships. The event will take place on July 21, 2017, at the Brentwood Country Club in Beaumont, Texas. The primary mission of Beaumont’s Bob Hope School is to increase the number of local high school graduates, and to help these graduates realize their full potential in either college or the workforce. Money raised at the Bob Hope Scholarship Tournament fund scholarships for tuition, books, and boarding. Last year the event raised $15,000; this year the organization’s goal is $20,000. Vapor Point is pleased to come alongside the Bob Hope School in furthering their worthy cause.

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