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Shell Deer Park Invitational: An Unqualified Success!

[Follow-up from our August 18 post] The Vapor Point team had a fantastic time cooking at Shell Deer Park’s 2016 Boys & Girls Harbor Golf Invitational. The venue, food, and event were all a big hit. Here's a photo of “master chef” Johnny Harris, with his famous fried ribs and mouthwatering bacon-wrapped shrimp. The crowd went wild for his cooking and so did our team.

We especially enjoyed connecting with everyone in attendance while helping raise funds for the Boys & Girls Harbor. This year’s Invitational raised $155,000, which broke last year’s record by $24,000.

The mission of Boys & Girls Harbor is to provide comprehensive residential care for children and families in crisis. Vapor Point is honored to have helped this great cause. A heartfelt thank you to all our friends who stopped by. Here's an event summary letter from event organizers Eva and Toby Mendoza: __________

Everyone, What a wonderful day and event you have helped us build up from the ground up. We don’t get tired of saying it…thank you again for your time and your efforts in making this event a success again this year! We cannot do it without your support and participation. We always set out to break the previous year’s record. We announced a conservative number yesterday of $155,000.00 compared to the previous year of $131,000.00. A big part of that is how you cater and welcome all the players. Simply FANTASTIC! We recognize that without you this event would not be as successful and loved by many as it is. You help us grow each year, but in reality you are helping the children fulfill their dreams that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to give us feedback on what we can do better. Finally thanks to the Almighty, for a cooler day and keeping the heavy rain away. Thank You for all the wonderful, giving people You keep sending our way. Amen. Sincerely, Eva and Toby Mendoza Eva L. Mendoza NA Manufacturing Product Steward Fuels, Feedstock, GTL and Specialties Shell Chemical Company LP

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