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Scrubber Technology

Proprietary chemistries perfectly matched
with advanced vessel design.

Lock down hazardous vapors with Hydraulic AmalgamationTM.

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The VaporLockTM System

Vapor Point’s patented VaporLockTM Hydraulic AmalgamationTM process is achieved through two tightly integrated components: advanced scrubber vessel designs perfectly matched with targeted proprietary chemistries. When Vapor Point’s mechanical and chemical technologies are combined, we can provide for up to 99 percent recovery or removal of VOCs, HAPs, and other unwanted contaminants.
We engineer each VaporLockTM system to match your emission stream dynamics. Our efficient and reliable VaporLock solutions allows carbon to perform as it was originally intended—simply as a final polisher. With Vapor Point’s VaporLockTM Hydraulic AmalgamationTM process, most customers save at least 15 percent overall on emission compliance costs.

Our Vessels

The first half of the VaporLockTM system is our patented scrubber vessel design. We have spent years testing the designs of our scrubbers, and now have an array of sizes and configurations to suit nearly any air compliance goal.


VaporLockTM scrubbers are designed to be safe, reliable, modular, and cost-effective. No energy inputs are required, and any of our scrubber configurations can be set up to control VOC, H2S, ammonia, or many other emissions.


Safety Features

  • Inlet check valves

  • Pressure relief valves (pressure settings variable by application)

  • Grounding wires

  • Containment berms

  • Knockout pots

  • Flame arrestors

Our Chemistries

Capturing VOCs

Our flagship chemistry is VaporSorb, specially formulated to capture and recover hydrocarbon-based compounds. When matched with our patented vessel designs, VaporSorb is the most effective and environmentally sound solution for the control of VOCs. VaporSorb is inherently non-hazardous, and can be re-processed through any refinery’s slop oil and oily water treatment systems.


Capturing H2S

SourSorb removes even high concentrations of H2S, allowing safe operation during unit cleaning, sump cleaning, and tank cleaning projects. The SourSorb chemistry has a capture efficiency of 100% when paired with our VaporLock vessels. We have developed variations of SourSorb for non-hazardous applications and corrosive environments.


Capturing Other Contaminants

Vapor Point can provide chemistries that address many other hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) and odorous contaminants. In addition to VOCs and H2S, we have chemistry formulations for sulfur dioxide, mercaptans, and ammonia. We continue to experiment and innovate with our chemistries, and have formed strategic alliances with industry partners to formulate other blends to address any industry need.

The VaporLockTM system can manage a multitude of process streams above and beyond VOCs. And we can design custom configurations to accommodate nearly any air compliance need. No matter your air compliance challenge, give us a call. We can show you many examples of specialty set-ups designed for unusual or demanding applications.


Advanced vessel design. Customized chemical formulations. Hydraulic Amalgamation. The VaporLockTM system has numerous advantages over traditional control devices, and is decades ahead of any competing technology.

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The Ultimate Carbon Strategy

Strategies are great.
Results are better.

Cut your carbon costs with VaporLockTM

VaporLockTM is your ultimate carbon protector. Most competing technologies operate with unpredictable variability, resulting in much higher overall operating costs through misapplied carbon systems. Because our VaporLock systems deliver such superior performance, our clients are better able to "right size" their carbon systems, reducing their total carbon volume and carbon footprint.

We engineer VaporLockTM to perfectly match your vapor stream applications. The consistent, efficient results of the VaporLockTM system allows the activated carbon to perform its originally intended purpose as the final polish of the vapor stream. With Vapor Point's VaporLockTM Hydraulic AmalgamationTM systems, most customers save at least 15 percent overall on vapor controls.

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Learn More

Vapor Point has a long track record of success of achieving air regulatory compliance across the petrochemical industry spectrum:

  • Downstream

  • Midstream

  • Upstream


We have engineered solutions for many other industries as well. Click the Case Studies button on the right to get more information about how we might be able to solve your particular challenges.

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